Entry is via online form. There are a maximum of four band slots. If your band misses out, you may still enter and go on the waiting list. In the event of a "no show" bands on the waiting list may be called up in order of application.


Bands must have four or more members. Instruments may be electric ie plugged into the sound system. 


Each band has 10 minutes for set up/sound check, 30 minutes to perform and 5 minutes to vacate the stage. 

Bands need to be ready when they are called or will be declared a "no show" and relegated to the end of the waiting list. All band members are required to be on stage throughout the performance.


Bandemonium is judged by an appointed panel of three judges. Judging criteria are:

  • Introduction - 5 points
    Guidelines: clear speaking; title of music; information about the music e.g. the genre, history etc; info about band.
  • Technical Skills and Abilities - 30 Points 
    Guidelines: instruments in tune with itself, band sings or plays in tune; rhythmically clear and accurate; performers able to manage tricky bits accurately and comfortably; not obvious mistakes that stall performance; instruments [and/or voice] used effectively.
  • Creativity and Interpretation - 40 points 
    Guidelines: sings/plays musically; plays with correct performance for genre; tells "the story" of the music; dynamically interesting; interaction with audience
  • Judges' Appreciation - 15 points 
    Guidelines: subjectivity - personal opinion of judge about the performance that is over and above the other criteria – i.e. did the judge actually enjoy the performance
  • Overall Performance - 10 points 
    Guidelines: completion on time; acknowledgement of the audience applause; body language during performance;


The points are tallied from the three judges and the band with the highest total wins. In the event of equal scores, all bands sharing the highest score are declared "equal winners". Judges may (or not) choose to make comments at the prize-giving part of the Gathering, however, judging points for individual criteria will not be published.

Any prize will be given to the contact person on the entry form.


The adjudicator will preside in the event of any dispute and be responsible for handling the score sheets and checking score totals.

In all respects, the adjudicator's decision is final.

Apply for Bandemonium.