Frances has a motel, but it's booked solid over the Gathering weekend. However, the town offers good honest camping. It’s pretty basic - there’s no power - but there are cooked breakfasts, hot showers and plenty of room and conviviality.

When - available from Wednesday of Gathering week

Where - around (but not on) the footy oval and the bowling clubTo ensure the most harmonious weekend for all, the campground is divided into Larks and Owls sections. Please set up according to your preferred late night habits!

How Much - camping fees are $10 per person per night, or $20 for the weekend, with proceeds to the local community. Don’t panic - someone collecting money will find you.

What - toilets, showers, rubbish disposal

Standard sharing-camping-space-with-other-people code applies:

  • keep grassier spots for tents

  • preferably leave pooch at home. If you do bring your dog it must be kept under your control and out of venue areas

  • don’t run power leads from the toilets

  • Out of respect for the other campers, the use of generators at any time is discouraged

  • keep noise at respectable volumes, times and unamplified

  • It’s fire-ban season. No Fires! Let’s set Frances on fire only with our music!


The Gathering is a weekend to eat, drink and be merry.

For excellent restaurant meals try the hotel - the kitchen is open every day for lunch and dinner.

On Friday night, there’s a sausage sizzle at the bowls club.

For fish and chips, hamburgers and the like, the general store offers tasty takeaways and is open Saturday til 7pm and Sunday til around 3pm. It also has a machine for proper coffee.

There are food and drink stalls set up for the Gathering, including the famous "Café Le Folk" hosted by the Friends of the Frances Folk Gathering Committee volunteers.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, these good people also put on a full cooked breakfast at the footie club. On Sunday, if you're lucky, you'll be serenaded by the Naracoorte Pipe Band!

Other Things

The general store offers petrol and diesel (not LPG) and supermarket items.

Frances is a wonderful and very tiny town - the nearest larger centre for services (medical, police, seriously sized supermarkets, florists etc) is Naracoorte, 50kms south of Frances.

For internet and mobile phone coverage, Telstra 4G is good. If you’re not with Telstra, you’ve got three days of no facebook or youtube, so head to the pub, get a drink, join the circle and make your own music! (There is a public phone outside the general store.)

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